• Question: Can we make biological weapons except from atomic bombs

    Asked by hepworthandsimmons to Ben, Clare, Ezzy, Mario, Sam on 16 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Mario Campanelli

      Mario Campanelli answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      atomic bombs are not biological weapons, but things like napalm (that was used by the US during the Vietnam war) is; the idea is that you spread poison around, and not allow anything to grow. On the other hand, an atomic bomb just releases large quantities of energy

    • Photo: Sam Vinko

      Sam Vinko answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      atomic bombs (or better, nuclear bombs) are not biological weapons. Biological weapons are those which kill using chemistry or biology rather than pure explosive power. So things like poisons, viruses, toxic gas, and the like. These this are particularly nasty and are banned for use in warfare by the United Nations.

    • Photo: Clare Burrage

      Clare Burrage answered on 17 Mar 2012:

      Atomic bombs are not biological weapons, biological weapons are ones that use living organisims like bacteria and fungi, or viruses to attatck other people. We can definitely make these kinds of weapons, and they can do a lot of damage.

    • Photo: Elizabeth Pearson

      Elizabeth Pearson answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      Governments do make biological weapons but they are tricky. There are dozens of films about what might happen in a bio weapon got out of control and they try very hard to not make that a reality. Personally I’d prefer people to spend their time on diplomacy and the persual or peace.